We present you the 91st issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”, including: the demand for coal in the coming years will exceed domestic production, the government proposes to increase fees for plastic bags, MRPiPS wants to increase the minimum wage by about 9%, local governments want to increase the number of speed cameras, debt to telecommunications companies increases, more and more new companies in Poland. On the markets: in the first quarter the decline in banks’ profits and the increase in Comarch’s profits, the JSW shares are getting more expensive. The zloty weakened against the dollar, the euro and the Swiss franc. Crude oil is still more expensive, and copper is still cheaper. Economic maps present information on the number of marriages and the level of permanent unemployment in Poland. In addition, information about KGHM – the world’s leading producer of copper and silver and household assets in Poland in 2017.

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Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”

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