We present you the 90th issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”, including: the number of clients in shopping centers is decreasing, 51 per cent Poles think that they have enough money for their daily lives, extend the Family 500+ program to their first child, the EC raises economic growth forecasts for Poland for the next two years, Poland is one of the countries that makes the best use of EU funds, exports in March rose by 6.7% y/y and amounted to 19.4 billion euros, problems of ZK Henryk Kania. In the markets: increases in share prices on the WSE, WIG-Energia’s value decreased by 30%, Bitcoin’s price over 6,000. USD, the zloty strengthens against the euro, the price of copper increases and oil is variable. Economic charts present the average monthly expenses per person in 2017 and the number of residential premises sold in 2017. In addition, information about the company from the fertilizer and chemical industry of Azoty SA and the value of polygraphic production in Poland in 2008-2017.

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Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”

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