We kindly present you the 73rd issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy” including: abolition of inheritance and donation tax, 6.1% unemployment rate in May, success of the Polish anti-cancer vaccine, fuel finally stood, minimum wage proposal: PLN 2250, Poles want to work more remotely, Ursus will build 10 trolleybuses for Lublin, Azoty will build an anti-nitrogen installation PLN 84 million, Budimex will build a part of the A1 motorway, and leak a significant amount of data of mBank customers. On the markets: minimal increase in oil prices and a drop in copper prices. The zloty and the euro slightly strengthen and the dollar weakens. In addition, information about the IT company COMARCH and the energy structure obtained from natural sources in Poland. Economic maps inform about the average monthly consumption of beef per person in Poland and the production of beef meat (in thousands of tons) in EU countries.

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Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”

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