We kindly present you the 72nd issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy” including: PESA  acquired by the state-owned Polish Development Fund, LOT will fly to Macedonia, in Q1 2018 2.1 million smartphones have been sold, AMiMR will grant up to PLN 100 thou. of non-refundable aid for young farmers, payments up to PLN 100 without a PIN number, banks have already paid PLN 8 billion of bank tax, NEWAG will build 20 locomotives for PKP and Rafako the Gdańsk-Szczecin gas pipeline, CCC acquires part of Adler Int. and AmRest 3 new foreign markets. On the markets: crude oil and copper are slightly cheaper, the zloty is weakening, the euro is stable and the dollar is strengthening. In addition, information on the chemical company Ciech SA and the structure of newly granted loans in Q1 2018. Economic maps inform about the number of ecological farms in Poland and the percentage of ecological agricultural land in agriculture in EU countries.

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Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”

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