We kindly present you the 66th issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy” including: in March, inflation rate of 1.3% and unemployment rate 6.6%, low labor costs in Poland 9.40 EUR / hour, UOKiK investigates price collusion among truck and compressor distributors, BGŻ BNP acquires Raiffeisen Polbank, Azoty purchase phosphates from Morocco, Ursus assembles and sells tractors in China, and the Forte Group will open a new production plant in Suwałki. On the markets: oil and copper prices are falling, the zloty and the euro are stable and the dollar is weakening. In addition, information about the development company Impro SA and the debt of beverage producers. Economic maps inform about the retail trade index in the EU and the number of inhabitants per one in Poland.

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Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”

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