From 30th of May until 4th of June 2016 Faculty of Economic Sciences had the pleasure to host Prof. Alper Findik Ozlem and Prof. Ali Eren Alper, scientists and lecturer of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Nigde University, Turkey.

Ms. Alper Findik Ozlem gave a lecture on „ Monetary policy and political economics.” and Mr. Ali Eren Alper gave a lecture on „Basic Features of Panel Data Econometrics”. Their lectures were attended by Polish and international students, doctorate students and the staff of the Faculty.

Also Prof. Alper Findik Ozlem and Prof. Ali Eren Alper were participated in the meetings with Member of Senate Commission for International Cooperation Prof. Maria Parlińska and Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Student’s Exchange Dr. Agnieszka Parlińska. This meeting focused on the possibility of expanding cooperation in the available didactic and research programs.

Visit of guests from Nigde University at WULS-SGGW was organized and coordinated by Agnieszka Parlińska.